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Thanks to those who attended "Destination: Success," the 2017 Spectrum Conference.

Steer your way to success at Spectrum, St. Louis’ premier conference featuring presentations on all facets of nonprofit communications, development, leadership, and trending topics. Find some direction to your professional destination. Set your course to Spectrum 2017!


Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel
9801 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63134CSPRC’s 2017 

Destination: Success Spectrum Conference Schedule
Conference Schedule PDF

Grand Concourse A & B

7:30 - 8:15 a.m.
Registration (Foyer)
Continental Breakfast

8:15 - 8:45 a.m.
Welcome & Keynote Address
Empowering Community Conversations
Julie Lawson, CEO, Sentient Strategy, Former Vice President of FOCUS St. Louis

11:15 - 12:30 p.m.
Networking Lunch

3:15 - 4:15 p.m.
Afternoon Keynote and Open Networking
Tyler Kelley, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at SLAM! Agency


9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Leadership Track
Demystifying Strategic Planning: Turn Your Strategic Goals into Mission Accomplished!
Cate Redfern, Consultant, Adansonia Consulting

10:15 – 11:15 a.m.
Development/Fundraising Track
Maintaining a Successful Young Friends Program
Kristine Gruver, Donor Communications Manager, Missouri Botanical Garden

12:45 – 1:45 p.m.
Trending Track
Facebook Live & Livestreaming – Everything You Need to Know
Chris Reimer, Associate Director of New Media, Maryville University

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Communications/Marketing Track
Creating Brands People Love
Donna Heckler, Director of Communications & Technology, The Society of Sacred Heart


9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Development Fundraising Track
Is Fundraising Freedom Possible for Your Nonprofit?
Mary Valloni, Fundraising Consultant, Mary Valloni Consulting

10:15 – 11:15 a.m.
Leadership Track
Power Up: Recharge your Speaking Skills to Ignite your Influence
Kathy Broska & Laurie Vincent, Principal & Senior Trainer, Broska Communications

12:45 – 1:45 p.m.
Communications/Marketing Track
Courageous Communication: How Codependence Is Making Your Brand Boring & What To Do About It
Maryanne Dersch, Strategist & Resident Extrovert, 501creative

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Trending Track
Maximizing Your Mission Through Technology & Automation
Matt Menietti, Executive Director, GlobalHack


9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Communications/Marketing Track
Communicating Out Loud: Communications Skills for Humans
Jennifer Rigdon, Executive Communications Manager, Express Scripts

10:15 – 11:15 a.m.
Trending Track
Secrets of the Digital Universe
Angie Winschel & Nathan Sprehe, Principals, Almanac, Inc.

12:45 – 1:45 p.m.
Leadership Track
Top 10 Best Practices = Mission Success
Steve Finkelstein, Senior Partner & Co-Founder, Experience on Demand 

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Development Fundraising Track
Moving Your Giving from Spontaneous to Strategic
Marita LaChapell, Lead Financial Consultant, Thrivent Financial


9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Trending Track
Young Professional Leaders: How to Stand Out in Your Organization
Kristen Muller-Simms, Director of Communications, Earth Force &
Rebecca Buffington, Event Manager, World Chess Hall of Fame & Chess Club

10:15 – 11:15 a.m.
Communications/Marketing Track
From Research to Results: Finding and Connecting with Your Audience
Kimber Singer, Principal, Kimberly Singer Creative

12:45 – 1:45 p.m.
Development/Fundraising Track
Fitting Volunteers into Your Organization’s Puzzle
Cody Finan, Community Engagement Coordinator, Youth in Need &
Joe Fetter, Volunteer Services Manager, Habitat for Humanity

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Leadership Track
A View from the Director's Chair
Beth Quick-Andrews, Partner, Q&A Business Solutions 

Morning Keynote

Julie Lawson, Vice President at FOCUS St. Louis

Afternoon Keynote

Tyler Kelley, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist at SLAM! Agency

Spectrum Speakers and Topics

  • Kathy Broska & Laurie Vincent: Power Up: Recharge Your Speaking Skills to Ignite Your Influence
  • Maryanne Dersch:  Courageous Communication: How Codependence Is Making Your Brand Boring and What to Do About It  Marketing/Communications
  • Cody Finan & Joe Fetter:  Fitting Volunteers into Your Organization's Puzzle  Development/Fundraising
  • Steve Finkelstein: Top 10 Best Practices = Mission Success  Leadership
  • Kristine Gruver: Maintaining A Sucessful Young Friends Program  Development/Fundraising
  • Donna Heckler: Creating Brands People Love  Marketing/Communications
  • Marita LaChappell: Moving your Giving from Spontaneous to Strategic – Development/Fundraising
  • Matt Meneitti: Maximize Your Mission Through Technology and Automation  Trending
  • Kristen Mueller-Simms & Rebecca Buffington: Young Professional Leaders: How to Stand Out in Your Organization  Trending
  • Beth Quick Andrews: A View from the Director's Chair – Leadership
  • Cate Redfern: Demystifying Strategic Planning: Turn Your Strategic Goals into Mission Accomplished!  Leadership
  • Chris Reimer: Facebook Live & Livestreaming: Everything You Need To Know  Trending
  • Jennifer Rigdon: Communicating Out Loud!: Communication Skills for Humans  Marketing/Communications
  • Kimberly Singer: From Research to Results: Finding and Connecting With Your Audience  Marketing/Communications
  • Mary Valloni: Is Fundraising Freedom Possible for Your Nonprofit? – Development/Fundraising
  • Angie Winschel: Secrets of the Digital Universe: Revolve Around Your Audience – Trending

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Thanks to those who attended "Building Success," the 2016 Spectrum Conference.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel 
9801 Natural Bridge Rd, 
St Louis, MO 63134

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel 
9801 Natural Bridge Rd, 
St Louis, MO 63134
Thanks to those who attended "Building Success," the 2016 Spectrum Conference.

Join us for Spectrum 2016: ‘Building Success’

St. Louis’ premier nonprofit conference featuring programs by top
professionals on all facets of nonprofit communications, leadership and development

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel
9801 Natural Bridge Rd 
St. Louis, MO 63134

Spectrum 2016 Speaker List
Keynote Speakers:

Jill Devine is a St. Louis native, and she loves this city. Jill has been part of St. Louis radio since 1998, and can currently be heard on Y98, a CBS Radio station. In her past she’s worked at pretty much every major radio group in town. 
Tripp Frohlichstein is President and Founder of MediaMasters, Inc. Tripp has worked worldwide coaching thousands of people in working with traditional and social media, message development, and creating and delivering dynamic presentations.

  • Jill Devine, Y98 Radio Personality (Morning)
  • Tripp Frohlichstein, President and Founder of MediaMasters, Inc. (Afternoon)

Other Speakers:

  • Maryanne Dersch (501 Creative) Build your buzzability how to create content that inspires involvement and investment
  • Michelle Miller (FOCUS St. Louis) – Nonprofit advocacy: When and how to engage
  • Missy Heinemann (Consultant) Donor relations
  • Angela Smith (Humane Society of Missouri) – What can a young friends board do for you?
  • Kristine Gruver & Andrea Nickrent (Missouri Botanical Garden) Building success with annual appeals
  • Kathleen Freeman (Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis) What matters to young donors
  • Jim Judge (Better Business Bureau) & Matt Craig (SLAM!) Cause marketing
  • Angie Winschel & Nathan Sprehe (Almanac, Inc.) – Modern storytelling to build your organization’s brand
  • Nichole Holzum (Caleres) – Social media: How to run an ad campaign on a budget
  • Jessica Hentoff (Circus Harmony) Show don't tell
  • Bev Pfeifer-Harms (Great Circle) Maximizing your media relations
  • Rene Vidal (Speaker & Author) – Play smart to win in business: Leadership lessons from center court to corner office
  • Beth Quick-Andrews (Q&A Business Solutions) – Building a better board
  • Judy Ryan (LifeWork Systems) Culture shock: Improving your business by improving your culture

Foundation Panel:

  • Mary McMurtrey, St. Louis Community Foundation * Also serving as moderator
  • Bridget Flood, Incarnate Word Foundation 
  • Cynthia A. Prost, Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis
  • Laura Coughlin, Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis
  • Melinda K. McAliney, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis
  • Michael Renner, Missouri Foundation For Health

Innovation Panel:

  • Dougan Sherwood,  Co-Founder and Managing Director, CIC St. Louis
  • Christy Maxfield, CET Director of Entrepreneur Development Services at Cortex Innovation Community
  • Francis Chmelir, Executive Director, ITEN


AHC Consulting      Rubin Brown, LLP
   Presort, Inc            SFW Partners, LLC
Webster University         A-Z Business Solutions

     LLC St. Louis Audio Visual       YNPN St. Louis
    The Nonforprofit Management & Leadership Program at UMSL
St. Louis Print Group

Check back in late 2016 to apply for Spectrum 2017.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016 
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel 
9801 Natural Bridge Rd, 
St Louis, MO 63134

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel 
9801 Natural Bridge Rd, 
St Louis, MO 63134

Thanks to those who attended "Connect the Dots," 

the 2015 Spectrum Conference.

Tuesday, May 19
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel
9801 Natural Bridge Rd, St Louis, MO 63134

Morning Speaker
Steve Knight 
Afternoon Speaker
Chris Reimer
Director of COCAbiz
 Author and
New Media Strategist

Morning Keynote - Steve Knight, Director of COCAbiz

A recent survey of global CEO’s conducted by IBM identified creativity as the key to organizational success in the next decade. As the director of COCAbiz, Steve Knight has had the opportunity to work with many St. Louis organizations that are grappling with a rapidly changing environment demanding the utmost in creative engagement from all employee to enable the innovation needed to stay relevant, vibrant and successful. In addition, Steve has been a part of the creative evolution of COCA – one of the nation’s largest community arts nonprofit organizations. From these experiences, Steve will share his insights on how to foster a truly creative, innovative workplace culture.

Afternoon Keynote - Chris Reimer, Author and New Media Strategist 

Chris Reimer is an award-winning new media strategist, and is Marketing Director at Kaldi’s Coffee. This is not where Chris expected to be, as he spent almost 20 years in finance (which scares him to even think about). He also is the author of the 2015 book Happywork: A Business Parable About the Journey to Teamwork, Profit, and Purpose.

"Since entering the business world in 1995, I have been concerned by the way humans interact at work. Frankly, I’m really worried that we mistreat each other just about every place we hang out: at home, on the subway, online, at school and at work. However, our struggle to be civil and happy at work especially interests me. More than 70 percent of people are unhappy with their jobs? We need to be happier at work! During my presentation, I will share some of the lessons I learned while writing my book, Happywork."

16 Breakout Sessions, including:

  • What’s My Line? Understanding the Board’s Role in Fund Development
  • How to Avoid Social and Digital Communications Disasters in Today’s Highly Connected World
  • Purpose Driven Culture
  • Taking the Leap: Successfully (Re)Branding Your Organization
For Session and Speaker information, click here.

Breakout session speakers will include:

Allison Collinger, AHC Consulting, LLC 

Maryanne Dersch, 501creative 

Linda B. Haley,CFRE, Let's Build Hope, LLC 

Joe Mueller, Mueller Communications 

Nathan Sprehe, Almanac, Inc.

Angie Winschel, Almanac, Inc. 

Perry Drake, Assistant Professor, UMS 

Beth Quick-Andrews, Q&A Business Solutions 

Diane Drollinger, Nonprofit Services Center, 

and many more talented professionals!

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Thanks to those who attended "Soar to Great Heights," 

the 2014 Spectrum Conference.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014  
NRenaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel 
9801 Natural Bridge Road  |  St. Louis, MO 63134

Morning Speaker
Ed Reggi
Afternoon Speaker
Travis Sheridan
 Engagement Strategist &
Improv Actor
 Asst. VP of Innovation &
St. Louis Economic Partnership

16 Breakout Sessions, including:
Content is King: Easy Ways to Stay Focused & Be More Memorable

Be Your Organization's Strategist

Simplifying Communications

Laser Focused Development: Building Successful Development Programs in Small Shops

Morning Keynote: Ed Reggi, Engagement Strategist

Afternoon Keynote: Travis Sheridan, Asst. VP of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, St. Louis Economic Partnership

Speakers will include:
Linda Haley, Let's Build Hope, LLC
Maryanne Dersch, 501creative
Tom Ruwitch, MarketVolt, LLC
Dorothy Carlin, Simply Strategy, LLC
Marissa Paine, The Painefree Coaching & Consulting Group
Steve Finkelstein, Experience on Demand
Connie Fisher, Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri
Angie Winschel & Nathan Sprehe, Almanac, Inc.
Derek Mabie, Evolve Digital Labs
Bev Pfeifer-Harms, Parents as Teachers
Ashley Kelffer Riley, Gateway Pet Guardians
Allison Collinger, AHC Consulting, LLC
Jill Hampton, KTVI/KPLR-TV
Allison Jones, St. Louis Area Foodbank
Joe Mueller, Mueller Communications

CSPRC Members - $125
Non-Member - $145
Full-time Student - $99
Fees include all conference materials, breakfast and lunch

Tim Parker, a freelance photographer specializing in editorial, corporate and sports photography in Missouri and Illinois, will
have a portrait studio set up until 1 p.m. For $20, he will take your photo, work a little magic in PhotoShop and email you
a high res .jpg. Cash is preferred, although checks will be accepted. No credit cards please.

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Thanks to those who sponsored, attended and presented Spectrum 2013: Navigate to Success

 Spectrum 2013, Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The event took place at the Sheraton Clayton Plaza (7730 Bonhomme, St. Louis, MO 63105).  

Plot the course to achieving your organization’s goals with the ideas you’ll find at Spectrum, the Community Service Public Relations Council’s annual all-day conference for nonprofit executive directors, board members, volunteers, and marketing and development staff.


7:30 – 8:15 a.m.:  Registration & Continental Breakfast 

8:15 – 8:45 a.m.
Welcome & Keynote Address:  The Levity Advantage: Using Humor for Serious Impact
Steve Hughes, president • Hit Your Stride, LLC

How would you like your target audiences not only to pay more attention to what you say, but also to remember it better? You’ll do just that when you use appropriate humor to set up and reinforce your key points. Humor will also help you deliver dry material with flair while maintaining your professionalism and credibility.  Lock on to the power of levity to increase your likeability and make deeper connections with colleagues, donors, supporters, and even the media. 

9 – 10:15 a.m.:  Breakout Sessions I

Leadership Track
Managing What You Measure With Emerging Technology
David Schenberg, founder • BusyEvent

You operate meetings and events, but often don’t know how effective they are. In this interactive session, we challenge traditional yardsticks and develop a plan for what and how you measure. Bring your smarts and your smart phone because we will use them both to rediscover the power of managing what you measure. Get useful tech tips and a sneak peek at the technologies that can accelerate your program goals and engage your audiences in new ways.

Development Track
Come Together, Right Now: Unify Your Marketing and Development Strategies
Jason A. Huff, MBA, CFRE, director of institutional giving, and Stacy Austerman, MA, coordinator of advancement communications • St. Louis College of Pharmacy 

Whether you are on the communications team, the development team, or a one-person team doing it all, you’ll strengthen your organization and achieve greater goals when you understand the ways that development and communication strategies can work in tandem. In this session, you’ll learn how to overcome organizational culture barriers, identify where marketing and fundraising strategies intersect, and develop a plan of action to implement a more cohesive strategy.

Marketing/Communications Track
Controversy and Crisis Communication: Cruise Control Off
Everett Dietle, director of communications & marketing • Missouri History Museum

Without warning, an organization may find itself in a maelstrom of controversy. Everything is on the line:  reputation, public confidence, funding, employee morale, the ability to fulfill the mission. With candor and humor, Everett shares what has worked, what has failed, and the surprising lessons emerging from the negative publicity surrounding his museum. Nothing is off limits in this up-front analysis. Explore how to survive—and  thrive—during a communications crisis. 

New to…Creating a Communications Team
Build a Communications Committee; Make a Plan for Your Organization
Joseph F. Mueller, principal • Mueller Communications

Nonprofit professionals in communications and development must continually increase their effectiveness, productivity, and value to their organization. Learn how to assemble a team and develop a plan to help you transition from doing multiple tasks to managing multiple projects. This session works on how to best evaluate your current efforts and develop specific tactics for marketing communications that are fully integrated into your organization’s mission. 

10:30 – 11:45 a.m.:  Breakout Sessions II

Leadership Track
Leveraging Generational Differences in Nonprofit Organizations
C. Leilani Carver, Ph.D., assistant professor and undergraduate and graduate director  of communication • Maryville University of St. Louis 

How does our generational identity help shape our worldview? Through interactive discussion and activities, this session will discuss how generational differences affect our styles of leadership and communication. Dr. Carver will share how to take the latest research on generations and leverage this  diversity and distinctions to better achieve your organization’s goals.

Development Track
Building a Mutually Beneficial Reason for Giving: Creating the Win-Win  
Amy Weseloh Gray, financial advisor, and David Brown, CFP® • Spectrum Planning Group

Individual giving, bequests, and family foundations account for over 80% of giving. How can nonprofits show that thinking long-term will benefit donors and their families as well as the organization? You’ll take home these tools and more to create lasting gifts: a basic understanding of the types of charitable giving methods, examples of how they are used, and specific bullet points to discuss with potential donors. 

Marketing/Communications Track
From Complex to Clear: Stop Sending Messages That Confuse, Alienate, or Bore 
Maryanne Dersch, strategist and superfan • 501creative

In an increasingly complex marketplace, it is more important than ever that nonprofits have clear, compelling, and meaningful messages. Simple messages make it easy to tell your story and to solidify your current supporters and attract new ones. You’ll learn what a guiding message is and how to create one, as well as how to create a main message and talking points, craft an elevator conversation, and use outcome-based storytelling to engage supporters.

New to…Facebook 2.0
Fixing Your Facebook: Putting Your Best Face Forward
David Craig, principal • David Craig PR & Marketing
Amy Burger, principal • Amy Burger Strategic Communications

Facebook provides wonderful opportunities for non-profits to interact with numerous stakeholder groups. But are you sending the right messages with your posts? Are your responses timely and on target? How compelling is your cover photo? As a Facebook admin, are you making best use of your mobile device? David and Amy will share tips and offer their thoughts about several local organizational Facebook pages.

11:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Lunch & Keynote Address:  Pilot Your Team Toward Engaging Your Community
Department of External Affairs • St. Louis Symphony
Adam Crane, vice president for external affairs
Erika Ebsworth-Goold, publicist
Eddie Silva, external affairs and publications manager 
Maureen Byrne, community partnerships manager
Dacy Gillespie, education programs manager
Jessica Ingraham, Youth Orchestra manager

The crew of the St. Louis Symphony’s Department of External Affairs will help you steer your organization toward increased buzz and media coverage, fruitful relationships, and effective partnerships. Two years ago, the Symphony re-imagined its outreach efforts and created External Affairs. Their team-based, community engagement approach to building bridges and getting the best stories told about the Symphony will yield insights even for organizations with small budgets and few staff.  

1:45 – 3 p.m.:  Breakout Sessions III

Leadership Track
How to Foster a Vibrant, Effective Board: Principles, Practices, and Tools
John McClusky, Ph.D., director emeritus • Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program, University of Missouri-St. Louis

A potent board of directors is a must-have for any successful nonprofit organization. But how do you get the most out of your board? Based on extensive research compiled on nonprofit boards, you will learn about effective board development, leadership, planning, and processes. This session will also look at creating a positive board culture and the board’s role in external relations. 

Development Track
What’s the Big Idea? Brand Your Capital Campaign’s Cause Instead of Needs
Nathan Sprehe and Angie Winschel, principals and co-founders • Almanac, Inc.
Caron House, development director • KDHX-FM

Every fundraising campaign needs to find the “big idea”—the cause inside the campaign—and communicate so that potential donors want to engage with and support it. With KDHX as a case study, this presentation will lay out a process for branding your campaign with strategic messaging, share a framework for identifying and connecting with your audiences, and explore the use of digital/social media . You’ll walk away with checklists and other tools for complete campaign marketing planning.  

Marketing/Communications Track
Media Panel: The Changing Direction of TV Reporting
Mike Colombo, reporter •  KMOV-TV
Other participants TBA

The new trend in television media is reporters who follow leads, interview, shoot, and edit their own packages.  What do these reporters look for in a story, what challenges do they face, and what should you do to get them to notice your organization?  And what’s the next trend around the corner?  The panel will also discuss social media and its role in their pursuit of stories and generating leads.  

New to…Integrated Campaigns
Where Did That Gift Come From? Attributing Multi-Channel Gifts
Jana Byington-Smith, CFRE, philanthropy systems project director • Mercy Philanthropy
Angela Struebing, vice president, client services • The Lukens Company

Multichannel campaigns mean better results. But when a single constituent receives consistent messaging through several channels, how do you know which source provoked the response? We'll discuss our attribution model for integrated campaigns that helps organizations determine which channel gets “credit” for which conversions, and how to create a model for your organization. Learn how sophisticated reporting helps you understand how one channel influences another and better allocate your budget.

3:15 – 4:30 p.m.:  Breakout Sessions IV

Leadership Track
Creating Your Communications Playbook
Allison Collinger, principal • ACH Consulting, LLC

A playbook is essential for a great game—the same is true in communications! Find out what a communications playbook is and how it can help your organization manage traditional, digital, print, and all other forms of communication outreach. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, you can use this strategy to refresh your current efforts. 

Development Track
Third Party Evaluators: What You Need to Know
Jim Judge, owner • Judge Evaluation Services, LLC

If you are in marketing, development or an executive role, you have probably seen the many different reports on charities that are available to the public. Learn how each of these groups gathers information and produces reports on your organization. Many donors today are going online to do research before donating. You can use these reports not only to strengthen your organization, but to increase your bottom line.

Marketing/Communications Track
Maneuvering the Maze of Social Media Trends
Jill Hampton, web producer • KTVI-TV / Fox 2

You've got a Facebook page—should you use Twitter? What about Path, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+? There's always a new social media opportunity. It's hard to tell which one to join and how to best focus your energy. We'll look at how to evaluate new social media trends, how to maintain energy on your current commitments, and how to bring more people onto the social media bandwagon.

New To…Website Analytics
Measuring “Website Success” for Big-Time Impact
Jonathan Goldford and David Hartstein, partners  • Wired Impact

While having a beautiful, functional website is wonderful, the point of a website is to help your organization meet its goals. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how to identify what “website success” means for your organization as well as how you can measure the effectiveness of your site. We love data, but this presentation won’t be overly technical. It’s aimed at developing website goals and finding ways to measure them.

4:30 – 5 p.m.:  Open Networking

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501creative, inc.

Midtown Printing


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Webster University

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Bellefontaine Cemetary
Give Back Marketing Group
Maryville University
Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri
The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis
The Rome Group
St. Louis Audio Visual, Inc.
St. Louis Pre-Sort, Inc.
United Way of Greater St. Louis

Many thanks to all who attended, sponsored & presented at Plugging In: SPECTRUM 2012!

Power up at CSPRC’s annual all-day conference designed especially to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. You’ll enjoy electrifying insights from two keynote speakers and four sets of sessions for executive directors, board members, and marketing/communications and development staff. 


Morning Keynote:

Dr. Robert R. Archibald, president, Missouri History Museum

History tells us that what we do here will matter to those who come here after us, because the actions and choices made by those who came before us have had consequences for us. History must be a catalyst for creating a world with more understanding, appreciation, and concern for those with whom we share this place and this planet.


Lunch Keynote:

Connect With the Currents of Our New Social World
Chris Reimer, Vice President for Social Media; Falk Harrison

"Should we use Pinterest? Hootsuite? Tweetdeck? How many times a day should we post?" All good questions, but first we need to back up and truly understand how social media is changing our world—and we’ll rewire our thinking about marketing.

Breakout Sessions:

Communications: New Twists on the Basics

Allison Hawk Collinger, principal;
AHC Consulting LLC
How do you recharge your communications efforts? 
This session will help you think though what you are
doing now and will provide suggestions on new ways to
approach the basics.

A Practical Guide to Creating Amazing Events

Jamie Vollmer, owner
This session will not only cover the basics of successful
nonprofit event planning but also inspire you with fun and
practical ideas to take your organization's events to the
next level.  We'll discuss event organization, industry
trends, new revenue streams, and more.

Strategic Planning for Your Brand

Angie Winschel, proprietor and chief strategist, and
Nathan Sprehe, proprietor and creative curator;
Almanac, Inc.

Your organization has a brand whether you've deliberately
developed it or not, and it impacts your ability to build
support for your mission.  No matter your budget, you
don't have to let your brand just happen.  Talk with us
about evaluating your brand's current condition and
planning for improvement.


Make Your Website Mobile

Maryanne Dersch, strategist and superfan
501creative, Inc.
By next year, mobile devices will outpace desktop
computers as the most common way to access the
internet! Are you ready?  What does your website look
like on a mobile phone, or a tablet? Learn how your site
works on different devices and how to make it more

Become Your Organization's Photographer

Mia Ulmer, photographer and owner
Birchtree Studio
Does hiring a photographer exceed your budget?  In this
interactive workshop, learn how to use your own digital
camera to capture the essence of what your organization
does.  Bring your camera - we'll focus on using its functions
to do a better job of taking the photographs you need.

Message Mapping

Tripp Frohlichstein, president
Media Masters, Inc.
Train your spokespeople to communicate your
messages powerfully, clearly, and memorably by putting
them on a "message map."  Join the man who literally
invented this technique for influencing audiences and
controlling crises.  Get ideas you can use immediately to
generate the coverage your stories deserve.

Why a Young Friends Group?

Yvette Hartsfield, executive director
St. Andrew's Charitable Foundation
Everyone in town is seeking those top 20- to 40-year-old
professionals.  But have you identified "why" and "how"
you plan to engage them?  We will walk through how to
develop your young friends group and recruit those key
leaders who will make all the difference

Powerful Communication for Powerful Results

Aprille Trupiano, speaker, author, radio and TV host
Ever walk away from a conversation wondering "what
just happened?"  Ever wonder why people don't "get it"?
Don't "talk" - communicate. You'll find out how to
ensure that people really hear what you're saying, and
how to have them actually want to deliver the results
you're out to achieve.

Hands-on Media Training

Andy Likes, director of media relations

Jolt Your LinkedIn Presence

Nick Gilham, founder
A Branded You

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Maryville University


Huber, Ring, Helm & Company

Webster University 

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Constant Contact
Fontbonne University 
Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri
The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis
The Rome Group
St. Louis Audio Visual, Inc.
St. Louis Better Business Bureau
St. Louis Pre-Sort, Inc.
United Way of Greater St. Louis
YMCA Trout Lodge


Here is a review of the offerings from the CSPRC Spectrum 2011 Conference "Bright Ideas":

Flashes of insight abounded for nonprofit professionals at Bright Ideas: SPECTRUM CONFERENCE 2011!

-- Morning keynote speaker: Bits of Brightness, Susan M. Werremeyer, owner of Carleton | Werremeyer

-- Lunghtime keynote speaker: Shining the Media Spotlight on Your Organization, Jasmine Huda, reporter and anchor with KMOV-TV News 4.

Plus 16 enlightening breakout sessions on these incandescently hot topics:

-- Social Media: Legal Issues & Organizational Liability -- Barbara Dunn, Howe & Hutton, Ltd.

-- Special Events: Raising Dollars While Keeping the Misison Front & Center -- Stephen Phelps, Doorways

-- Shedding Light on Your Stakeholders & Your Communications Plan -- Allison Collinger, AHC Consulting, LLC

-- It’s Not Who You Know, But Who Knows You: SEO and Making Your Website “Findable” – Erin Husband, Twist

-- Partners, Not Just Board Members – Amy Rome, CFRE, principal, The Rome Group

-- Everyone Needs an Editor: The Best One May Be You – Dick Weiss, founder, WeissWrite LLC; contributing editor, St. Louis Beacon

-- Why No One Seems to Care About Your Nonprofit (And What to Do About It) – Maryanne Dersch, 501creative inc.

-- Illuminating the Media: What They Want From You – Kelsey Volkmann, web editor, St. Louis Business Journal; Megan Lynch, investigative reporter, NewsRadio 1120 KMOX; Sheila Condon, news producer, KSDK-TV Newschannel 5

-- Financial Topics & Key Internal Controls -- Leanne Rohr & Brent Stevens, RubinBrown, LLP

-- Next Bright Idea? The Who, What, When, Where & Why of Social Enterprize -- Barbara Levin, Alliance for Building Capacity, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University

-- Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About: Social Media and Digital Word of Mouth – Brian Cross, managing partner & director of rocket science; Elasticity

-- 24 Online Resources Every Nonprofit Executive Should Know -- Brad Smith, St. Charles City-County Library District

-- Ensuring Your Nonprofit's Future: Recruiting and Retaining Young Employees and Volunteers – Mallory Rusch, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, St. Louis

-- Corporate Giving Isn’t Changing, It’s Changed! – Mary McMurtrey, Gateway Center for Giving

-- Social Media for Social Good: Emerging Trends and Tactics – Lisa Weser, senior vice president; Emerging Communications, Fleishman-Hillard

-- Polishing Your Presentation Skills -- Phil Moses, Better Business Bureau  

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