Pilot Mentorship Program

Nonprofit Marketers Network is piloting a one-year mentoring program starting in September 2020. Young professionals will be matched with seasoned professionals using a number of criteria including career interests, professional and personal goals, and geographical location. 

Through this program, Nonprofit Marketers Network will provide a forum for mentees to develop leadership, creative thinking and interpersonal skills, through coaching and feedback. Mentees will also acquire new tools to advance their short and long-term career goals. Mentors will have the opportunity to expand their leadership skills, gain new perspectives and ideas while sharing key insights, tools and experiences. 

Program Eligibility and Requirements 

Mentees will: 

  • be a Nonprofit Marketers Network member
  • be at least 21 years of age and wish to gain experience in their current or future nonprofit career 
  • identify three goals for their mentorship relationship (these goals are what the mentee hopes to achieve from the mentorship) 
  • engage with their mentor on a monthly basis through in-person meetings, email, phone, and/or other methods 
  • take initiative to drive the relationship and be responsible for goalsetting and career development and planning 
  • be enthusiastic for the opportunity to develop new skills with the support of a leader in the nonprofit sector 

Application will be open July 13. Watch our social media for the announcement. 
For more information please contact Nonprofit Marketers Network at

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