CSPRC Past Board Presidents

2014-2015 – Ryan Farmer, St. Louis Area Foodbank

"I am forever grateful that someone recommended CSPRC to me after I accepted my first nonprofit job. The monthly luncheons consistently deliver quality speakers on useful topics and offer the opportunity to network with a vast array of nonprofit professionals in the area. I’m a little biased, but I truly feel that the annual Spectrum conference is one of the best values in town."

2013-2014 – Amie Bossi, Support Dogs Inc.

"I appreciate the networking and professional development opportunities CSPRC offers. The St. Louis region has a vibrant nonprofit community all working to bring about positive change and CSPRC supports that through its programming and leadership opportunities."

2012-2013 – Julianne Smutz, Webster University

"What I love about CSPRC is that it is a truly welcoming and friendly environment to learn and network.  Every time I attend a luncheon or the Spectrum Conference, I walk away with new ideas and insights about marketing and communications.  What is most valuable to me, though, are the relationships I have developed with some really amazing people.  Through my work on CSPRC committees and the board I have built a solid network of colleagues from nonprofits both large and small across the region."

2011-2012 – Jim Judge, Better Business Bureau

"CSPRC membership is a must for any nonprofit professional. Not only do the luncheons provide quality takeaways that can be immediately implemented at an organization, it gives the individual the chance to network and grow professionally. I have made great connections through CSPRC, many of whom I now consider friends. That is the nature of this organization."

2010-2011  Janet Vigen Levy, St. Louis Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure

"The Community Service Public Relations Council is the essential association for nonprofit professionals in the St. Louis metropolitan region. At each CSPRC program, I always learn something new and connect with welcoming colleagues. My CSPRC experience has been enhanced through involvement in committees and service on the Board, where I've enjoyed working with a stellar group of people all committed to providing a great experience for our members."

2009-2010 – Joe Mueller, Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

“CSPRC is an essential resource for professional development and continuing education for all nonprofit communications and public relations professionals in our region. I’ve been a member for more than 10 years and I’ve never attended an event where I didn’t learn something new, or help someone else with a solution to a communications problem.”

2008-2009 – Deb Cottin, FOCUS St. Louis

"For me, CSPRC has always been the most welcoming and effective professional development group in St. Louis. It's the one place where I can consistently build my marketing and development skills while enjoying the lively support and enthusiastically shared ideas of nonprofit colleagues. Serving as president was an honor, and I take pride in maintaining my support of CSPRC as a vital community resource."

2007-2008 – Bev Pfeifer-Harms, Missouri Foundation for Health

"I’ve been a member of CSPRC for 20 years and continue to find it always has something to offer me – from the networking to new information and skill-building from the luncheons and Spectrum conference. That experience only deepened when I joined the Board, and discovered a core group of people committed to making sure CSPRC was a valuable resource for the nonprofit world."

2005-2007 – Dennis O'Brien, Non-Profit Advancement

"I constantly encourage people to join CSPRC, attend meetings regularly and get involved with committees. CSPRC offers wonderful opportunities to learn, to network and to build relationships with skilled professionals in the nonprofit community. I’m grateful to have been involved in its continued improvement and leadership!"

2004-2005 – Meg Petri, Progressive Youth Connection

"CSPRC has been a warm and welcoming organization. There is always a comfortable group to sit with and interesting people to meet, as well as being a place to get your questions answered."   

2003-2004 – Dorothy Hutchinson-Gross, Innovations Management & Marketing

"CSPRC is unique in that we provide something special for nonprofit organizations.  We have programs that offer a mix of public relations, fundraising and administrative topics that help people who wear more than one 'hat' at their organization."

2002-2003 – Mike Hall, Edward Jones

"When I joined CSPRC, I was just looking for a job. But I came away with so much more. CSPRC helped me grow professionally in addition to learning the ins and outs of how to be a more productive board member. I also gained a tremendous amount of respect for the numerous wonderful things nonprofits and their employees do on an everyday basis.”   

2001-2002 – Kim Norman, Operation Weed & Seed

"CSPRC has really helped me as an executive director, understand the important work PR professionals do each day.” 

2000-2001 – Deborah Beyer

1999-2000 – Amy Cole Buehler, Therapeutic Horsemanship

“CSPRC was a wonderful way to build on my career through networking and educational opportunities. I was fortunate to be able to give back to CSPRC through board service; I learned the many faces and facets of boards and have since served on a number of other nonprofit boards. CSPRC was a real catalyst for me.”  

1998-1999 – Nancy Warden Slade, Where Magazine

1997-1998 – Debbie Wissel Bentele

"CSPRC was a wonderful learning experience. The organization offered information in many fields of business not just for not-for-profits. I enjoyed working with all of the members of the board and the entire organization.”  

1996-1997 – Ginny Compton, James S. McDonnell USO

"CSPRC has always been the perfect environment to meet diversified levels of expertise in public relations, fundraising and communications. I found the subject programs that I attended were always first class and worth my time away from the office." 

1995-1996 – Maryanne Dersch, 501 Creative

1991-1992 – Maureen Hermann, Marian Middle School

"CSPRC was a wonderful experience for me personally and professionally. I highly recommend the organization from the novice to seasoned veteran for a great networking experience. The contacts I made were invaluable!"

  • Katie Burkhalter
  • Gloria Hamlin
  • Katherine McGowan
  • Rick Skinner, United Way